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John Miller gave an insight into his work at Agile for All. As Chief Empowerment Officer, John is primarily responsible for the agile classrooms. Agile school and agile methods within teaching were therefore his main topic in the lecture: “Generation Agile: Agile in Education”. Here he showed how agile methodologies can be integrated excellently into teaching and how active the children are when they can actively shape their teaching.
After all, they are involved in planning the coming days and weeks as well as reviewing the achievements shown. All in all, a very inspiring presentation that showed how schools can become not only more digital, but also more agile. Especially in times of the Corona Pandemic and in view of the American conditions, this was an exciting social study.

“Generation Agile: Agile in Education”

John Miller

John inspires with and through his work at Agile for all. Through his work, he tries to help children from disadvantaged areas to organize their lives and promote their creativity. Through all the agile opportunities, he shows these kids how they can have a say – usually for the first time in their lives. The aim is to provide children with a competitive advantage for their further development and to bring teachers and children alike closer to 21st century forms of learning.

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