What are the Agile Insights?

Agile Insights is the curated knowledge area of the Agile Academy. Here you will find a variety of free offerings: Webinars, Interviews, Articles and Case Studies.

The speakers of our live contributions are internationally recognized experts, bestselling authors and thought leaders in their field. Agile Insights aims to give agile enthusiasts the chance to learn from the best.

Who speaks at the Agile Insights?

The only thing that unites the speakers is that they are thought leaders in their field. Whether it's topics like leadership, product development, agile frameworks or psychology, neuroscience or marketing.

The speakers are pioneers in their field and experts in their field. We have already been able to convince speakers from the Leaders50 or various bestseller lists to appear at agile100.

Do I have to register for the Agile Insights?

Not necessarily. However, we want to give attendees the chance to plan and additionally make the recordings of the talks (if allowed by the speakers) available afterwards. Therefore, you can register for the events via Meetup and receive a date in your calendar directly from there.

What else does Agile Insights offer?

Besides the interviews, we also offer short introductions to Scrum, Agile Leadership or OKRs and Agile Hardware Development. These events are also free of charge for you. In addition, our trainers and many guest authors write in our Agile Insights section. Here you can find our translated contributions from Henrik Kniberg, Mike Cohn or Marty Cagan.
On our YouTube channels you can also find agile learning videos and the recordings of past Agile Insights Interviews.

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Sohrab Salimi

Scrum Academy GmbH

Sohrab is a long-standing Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and CEO of the Scrum Academy GmbH based in Cologne. He is a trained medical doctor and worked for Bain & Company as a consultant and as a CIO at SE-Consulting, among others, before founding the Scrum Academy. As a consultant and trainer, he has been supporting companies from a wide range of industries for over a decade on topics related to agile transformation, innovation and organizational development.