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The next Agile Insights in Conversation Event will be on December 7th with Christian Meyer zu Natrup. The Founder and Managing Director of MzN International is a governance reform and organizational change expert. Together with Sohrab Salimi, he will share his insights about agile transformation and making non-profit organizations financially sustainable.

Christian Meyer zu Natrup at Agile Insights

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MzN also offers a number of services for NGOs. If you are interested in strategic business development for non-profits, are thinking about beginning an Agile or Digital Transformation or if your are or starting an organizational restructuring & institutional reform, you should definitely come to this Conversation!

Furthermore, MzN has sustainability services in many sectors, like automotive & mobility, energy and consumer goods.

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And you can learn more about MzN International at their About us Page at:

What are the Agile Insights Conversations?

The Agile Insights talks are regular conversations between Sohrab Salimi (CEO of Scrum Academy and certified Scrum trainer) and his renowned guests. After the Agile Academy already started a virtual conference series with agile100 in May 2020 and held 15x so far, we want to go one step further with Agile Insights.
Instead of four talks with different partners, we are now focusing on one guest for the Agile Insights talks. Every four weeks, you'll have the chance to follow in-depth conversations between agile thought leaders and you can also ask your questions and our guests live.

In addition to the Agile Insights conversations, we offer you a constantly growing range of agile topics. From now on you have a place to go if you want to educate yourself in the agile area and you can choose from a wide variety of topics and content. Besides knowledge articles, we offer free webinars, Infor events and online courses as well as paid trainings and self-paced e-learning on our website.

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