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COVID-19 and the global pandemic do indeed have interesting and positive sides within the global economy. Why this is so and how you can turn your business model around within a few days, even as a long-established company, Joe Justice told in the last presentation of the first Agile100. – Presented from his TESLA!

Due to his years of experience in the Agile 4 hardware sector, his stories were very practical and above all, with lots of pictures and reports from this, especially in the USA, very difficult time.

COVID Executive Response: How to pivot to making Essential Products and services in 1 week

Joe Justice

Joe Justice works globally as an interim executive for agile organizations, bringing multinational companies increased return on capital. He is considered as a global thought leader for agile in hardware development. In his talk he will share insights on how teams are designing and testing ventilators in one week sprints, rapid roll out of COVID testing centers, and responsible practices for keeping physical operations open.

“Applying Scrum in hardware development is really no different to software development.”

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