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Darrell Rigby, Partner & Director of Bain & Company and Head of Global Innovation & Agile Practices, was the fifth speaker at Agile100 in May 2020 and showed the extensive expertise he has acquired in more than 40 years as a consultant in his presentation on: “Doing Agile Right – Transformation Without Chaos”.

Regular readers of this blog know that Agile Transformation is a topic that also occupies our trainers. The talk is about the book of the same name that Darrell recently published. In his session he takes up the most important points of a functioning agile transformation and explains at the end with his companion, trainer of the Scrum Academy and moderator of Agile100, Sohrab Salimi, which points have to be fulfilled for a functioning and sustainable transformation.

Doing Agile Right – Transformation Without Chaos

Darrell Rigby

Darrell Rigby is a Boston-based partner and director of Global Innovation and Agile Practices at Bain & Company. He is also the former head of Bain’s global retail consulting practice. During his forty-two years of consulting, Darrell Rigby has led assignments in a variety of industries, including innovative growth strategies for more than a hundred of the world’s leading companies.

“We need to run the organization efficiently, we also need to adapt. Finding that balance is the tricky part.”

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