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Marina Alex's contribution was about the application of agile methods in the sales area. In her opinion, the areas of sales and distribution in particular need to learn that it is now less about elbow mentality and more about togetherness. She believes that it is time for sales managers to learn that they can no longer be responsible for everything on their own, but that the time for decentralized work and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities has long since begun.

At the August event of Agile100, she showed how to become successful with Agile in Sales and which requirements have to be met on both the company and the personnel side in order to be successful in the long term.

"Agile in Sales is a Competitive Advantage"

„Agile in Sales als Wettbewerbsvorteil“

Marina Alex

Marina is a Management Consultant and Agile Coach and founder of SWAY. She has many years of experience in consulting top decision makers and agile teams, especially in the sales area. Through her work, sales teams steadily achieve their goals and implement sales with Agile.

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