Building Invincible Companies

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Alexander Osterwalder was the sixth speaker at the Agile100 in May 2020, and his presentation was about building invincible companies and the road to get there.

The main focus was on innovations and innovation management in these companies. For him, “Building Invincible Companies” is all about testing a lot with little risk in order to be able to make further decisions.

Building Invincible Companies (Alexander Osterwalder)

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Alexander Osterwalder

“Business Models are like yogurt in a fridge… ultimately, they will all expire!”
Alexander Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder is not only a speaker with his own Wikipedia page, but also co-founder of the consulting firm Strategyzer. Alexander is best known for his books, such as “Building Invincible Companies” or “Business Model Generation”.

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