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Holger Nils Pohl is already an old acquintance at agile100. He and Henk Wijnands are the Visualists from our session visuals that you see in this blog and our social media channels all the time. So “Visualisation” was the main subject at Holgers session, too. 

His talk about “A new Framework to Create Clarity and Succeed” was about clarity in goals, objectives and actions while succeeding as a company and as a team. He explained that visualisation is necessary to stay on board and to concentrate on the important topics. He’s convinced that most companies fail due to systemic problems and not because of their product.

“A new Framework to Create Clarity and Succeed”

Holger Nils Pohl

Holger is our awesome Visualist who draws all of our agile100 visuals with his colleague Henk Wijnands. Furthermore, he’s an international Visual Strategist and Founder of the WorkVisual Institute as well as the CEO of Visual Manufactory GmbH. He’s also a certified ScrumMaster and lecturing at various Universities in Europe.

Holger is also a Co-Author of different books about creative methods for innovation and strategy.

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