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Today we continue with the second part of our Agile100 October Recap. In part 1 we already introduced you to the first four speakers. If you are interested in the presentations of Shani Ospina (“How assumptions shape our lives”), Willy Wijnands (“eduScrum”), Marsha Acker (“Collective memory and corporate culture”) and Michele Zanini (“Humanocracy”), you should definitely take a look at this part as well!

But without further ado, let’s move on to the three remaining speakers:

  • Danny Kovatch
  • Dot Tudor
  • Judy Neher

Danko “Danny” Kovatch

A new era for Scrum Masters was introduced by Danny in his direct way. His session was about the different development stages of Scrum Masters and how they manage to evolve within their position.

In a presentation peppered with Start Wars and Karate Kid references, Danny showed which skills Scrum Masters acquire in their development and which are necessary to move to the next level. What may seem a bit esoteric at first glance was a thoroughly well planned presentation that showed how many tasks Scrum Masters are expected to take on and what they themselves can and must learn to become the best Scrum Master they can be.

Dot Tudor

Dot Tudor had a circus, monkeys and a showman with her as she talked about accountability and empowerment. Peppered with scenes from “The Greatest Showman” (which we unfortunately had to remove from the recording due to copyright), Dot showed the impact these two things can have on teams and businesses.

Dot, like the other speakers on teamwork (Chris Li), team change (Heidi Helfand) and drama (Tricia Broderick), showed that it can be because of the smallest of disagreements that accountability falls by the wayside.

Judy Neher

Judy featured a number of humble leaders in her presentation. This ‘humble leadership’ is, in her opinion, often overlooked. Yet, as she showed, there are very many ‘humble’ leaders. From sports to business to politicians, she showed how positive an impact humble leadership can have on individuals and the successes that can be celebrated with such leaders. – If you let them.

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