Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training

In the Scrum Master Training of the Agile Academy you will learn the most important tools of a Scrum Master. The CSM training teaches you the most important methods so that you can optimize the processes in your Scrum team.

After successfully passing the exam, you will be a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance, the largest international certification company for agile trainings.

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Credential: Certified ScrumMaster
Target Group:
Project Manager
min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
Certified by:
Scrum Alliance
Beginner level

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Certified ScrumMaster®

Scrum Academy GmbH
Sohrab Salimi
Co-trainer 13.03. - 15.03.2023
Live Online Timezone: GMT+01:00
24 hours
Early bird
2.599 € 2.499 €
excluding VAT per person

Why are there price differences in CSM training?

The Agile Academy is a curated platform for agile training from independent partner companies. This means that each trainer sets the price for their Scrum Master training independently.

Besides the duration of a training, there are other influencing factors. As soon as you click on a specific CSM training, you can find the agenda, the training schedule and information about the trainer or the partner company, which should simplify your training choice. Before booking, pay attention to the location and time zone of the training offered.


Can I achieve the CSM certification with an online training?

Due to the requirements of the Scrum Alliance, a certified Scrum Master training must always be conducted live by a trainer. This can be on-site or live online. Therefore, we offer you all upcoming dates in the table, which conclude with the internationally recognized Certified ScrumMaster certificate.

If you do not need this certification, you can have a look at our on-demand offer for Scrum Master & Agile Coaches. Here you can learn more about the role of the Scrum Master and deepen your knowledge independently of dates.


Why are the Scrum Master training different in length?

The Agile Academy does not specify the length of a training for our partners. Only the requirements of the Scrum Alliance as a certification company have to be met. These are at least 16 hours of training in a live online event and 18 in an on-site training. Additional content, for example related to individual activities of the Scrum Master or specific industries, can be included by each trainer in the training.


Is there a written exam for the Scrum Master training?

Yes, the Certified Scrum Master concludes with a written test in which you have to answer 35 questions with at least 69% correct answers in 60 minutes. The test can be taken in different languages. In addition, some trainers offer the possibility to take the test on the third day of the training.

All questions are covered in advance in the training and you will be well prepared for the test by the trainers.


What is the difference between a CSM and PSM training?

Worldwide, in addition to the Certified ScrumMaster, there is also the Professional Scrum Master certification. This is in each case the first Scrum Master certificate of the internationally best-known certification companies.

While the Certified ScrumMaster is awarded by the Scrum Alliance, the world's largest certification company, the Professional Scrum Master or PSM is the first certification level of Scrum.org.

Both organizations have different goals, which makes the training slightly different. While Scrum.org specializes primarily in developers and specifically addresses Scrum as a framework, the Scrum Alliance aims for a holistic transformation of the working world. Therefore, you can take a PSM test without training at Scrum.org, while at Scrum Alliance the focus is on learning and understanding together. This is also the reason why you, as a CSM, receive a two-year active membership with the Scrum Alliance as a gift for certification.


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