Scrum Team

Definition of Scrum Team:

A Scrum team typically comprises five to nine development members with cross-functional skills (T-shaped) as well as a Scrum Master and Product Owner. A Scrum team is self-organized. The team should have the right amount of members with the appropriate skills needed to complete the sprint.

Use of Scrum Teams:

A Scrum team works together toward completing iterations and producing a functional and potentially shippable increment of the product. At the end of the sprint, the development team holds a sprint review with the product owner and stakeholders to demonstrate what the sprint has accomplished, review issues, and gathert feedback. A separate sprint retrospective meeting allows team members to discuss feedback and improvements needed for the next sprint.

Benefits of Scrum Teams:

  • Increase trust and accountability among team members.
  • Lead to continuous improvement through feedback and Inspect and Adapt.
  • Promote sharing knowledge.
  • Improve motivation, efficiency and quality.
  • Adapt more quickly to changes and problems.

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