Mindfulness in 2h Info Event

Mindfulness is about being present, being aware in every moment. Research and press attention on mindfulness has literally exploded in recent years, underscoring its necessity. We also need to "demystify" mindfulness, because it is not something "soft" or "fluffy"; it is based on neuroscience and hardwired into our brains.

  • Increase your productivity through focus and mental clarity
  • Improve your overall well-being and leadership skills
  • Profit from greater engagement, happiness and focus with higher organizational effectiveness

Target Group:
Agile Insights,
max. 2 hours
Certified by:
Certificate of participation
Beginner level

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What will I learn in the mindfulness seminar?

In this free 2-hour info session, you'll learn the basics of mindfulness:

  • Theory of attention and awareness as basics
  • Benefits of mindfulness: how to recognize and reap the benefits in your professional and personal life
  • Neuroscience and psychology: explaining the effect of mindfulness on the brain and body
  • Practices and tools: how to start integrating mindfulness into your daily work life
Target audience

Who is the introduction to mindfulness for?

People who want to get their first experience with mindfulness and have always wondered what the mindfulness hype is all about. Anyone who wants to learn initial practices for increasing productivity, managing stress better, and simply enjoying work and life more. Whether you are new to mindfulness work or have some experience, this training really serves as a platform for you to try out and experiment with mindfulness tools and practices that will support you in both your personal and professional life.


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