Creating Clarity

Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools

With the "Creating Clarity - Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools" course from the Agile Academy, you embark on an immersive in-person workshop experience that is both comprehensive and transformative. This course offers you the chance to:

  • Begin your transformative journey to visual mastery under the guidance of Holger Nils Pohl, a renowned expert in visual strategy and facilitation.
  • Discover solutions to complex challenges using visual tools, improving problem-solving and decision-making for you and your team.
  • Learn the critical principles of the Clarity Framework and its integration with Agile, Design Thinking, Scrum, and Lean Startup methodologies.
  • Gain recognition for your newfound expertise in employing visual tools to navigate and clarify complex scenarios.
  • Continue to enhance your visual facilitation techniques with additional materials and exercises that reinforce the workshop's lessons.
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Creating Clarity

Credential: Creating Clarity
Beginner level
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Certified by: Business Agility Academy
  • Prerequisite: None
User interface of the Visual Clarity - Drawing Basics Online Course

Visual Clarity - Drawing Basics Online Course

Holger Nils Pohl
Holger Nils Pohl

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18.06. - 19.06.2024

Holger Nils Pohl
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Creating Clarity
BAA Award (Business Agility Academy)
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02.09. - 03.09.2024

Holger Nils Pohl
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Creating Clarity
BAA Award (Business Agility Academy)
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Creating Clarity Workshop

with Business Agility Academy Award

Step into the "Creating Clarity - Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools" workshop, an intensive two-day event that promises to revolutionize your approach to visual communication and strategy. Scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm, the workshop is meticulously designed to guide you through the complexities of visual tools, enhancing your ability to address and simplify complex business challenges.

Upon completion, you will be recognized with a Business Agility Academy Award, a testament to your newly acquired expertise in visual strategy. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of resources, including a Photoprotocol, digital templates, and a Starter Kit of visual tools, your continued practice and application of these skills will be assured.

The investment in this workshop is an investment in clarity. By learning to create a shared understanding and strategic alignment, you will be poised to drive significant value and innovation within your organization. "Creating Clarity" is more than a course—it's an essential step for any professional ready to lead with vision and precision.

Agenda for Creating Clarity Workshop

The "Creating Clarity" workshop is thoughtfully designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience with visual tools. Here’s a glimpse into the topics we’ll cover:

What You'll Learn:

1. The Essence of Visual Tools in Today's Work Environment:

Why are visual tools indispensable in modern business? How do they solve problems and when should they be utilized? Can they be adapted to any project?

We initiate our workshop by addressing these fundamental questions, setting the stage for a deeper understanding of visual tools. Through interactive discussions, frameworks, and real-life examples, we demonstrate the power of visual tools in enhancing comprehension and collaboration.

2. Laying the Groundwork for Visual Proficiency:

How do we integrate visual tools into our daily work? What foundations are necessary for their effective application?

Building a strong foundation is crucial. We delve into:

  • Mastering basic sketching techniques to visualize complex ideas.
  • Developing a visual vocabulary that resonates with your industry and objectives.
  • Structuring your thoughts visually to improve communication and problem-solving.

Live demonstrations and practical exercises will give you a clear blueprint for implementing visual tools effectively.

3. Practical Application of Visual Tools:

With context set, we explore the specific visual tools and techniques that can transform your work.

You’ll learn how these tools:

  • Act as a conduit between abstract ideas and tangible understanding.
  • Enhance communication, making team strategies and individual ideas clearer.
  • Make meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project planning more productive and engaging.

Hands-on activities will anchor your understanding of these tools, ensuring you can apply them confidently in your own context.

4. Visual Tools and Team Dynamics:

What impact do visual tools have on team performance and dynamics?

This segment of the course examines:

  • Group development models and the integration of visual tools.
  • Techniques to cultivate an environment that embraces visual thinking.
  • Strategies to build a culture of clarity and shared understanding.

Interactive sessions will show you how to leverage visual tools to foster team growth and enhance collaboration.

5. Advanced Visual Tools Techniques:

As the course progresses, we may touch on more sophisticated topics, tailored to the collective experience of the participants.

These could include:

  • Merging visual tools with digital technology for remote collaboration.
  • Advanced storytelling methods to engage and persuade.
  • Strategic mapping for complex project management.
  • Overcoming organizational resistance to visual methods.
  • Tailoring visual solutions to unique team challenges.

Bring Your Own Ideas & Questions

We encourage participants to bring their questions to the training. Any question and real-world example from your side will make everything you and others learn more tangible. It will also result in more energy throughout the training which is connected to better learning.

FAQ about Creating Clarity

Every participant receives a comprehensive starter kit that includes high-quality pens, markers, a notebook, and additional materials to ensure you have everything you need to engage fully in the visual strategy exercises.

This workshop empowers you with visual tools that can streamline communication, enhance problem-solving, and align teams for better project outcomes. It's an investment in reducing miscommunication costs and boosting overall efficiency.

No prior experience is necessary. The workshop is designed to guide participants from foundational skills to advanced visual strategies, regardless of their starting skill level.

Receiving the Business Agility Academy Award demonstrates your commitment to professional development in the area of visual strategy and enhances your credentials as a proficient communicator in visual tools, which can be a significant asset in your professional growth.

Absolutely, the workshop includes numerous hands-on activities to practice visual facilitation, ensuring you can confidently apply these tools in your work environment.

While we always encourage participants to bring tools they are comfortable with, it's not necessary. Each participant will receive a comprehensive Starter Kit that includes pens, markers, a notebook, and more, providing all the essential tools you'll need to fully engage in the workshop activities.

Upon completing the workshop, participants will receive a range of materials, including digital templates and tools, to facilitate continued practice and application of the visual strategies learned. However, please note that there will be no active, ongoing support or mentorship from the instructor post-workshop. These resources are designed to empower you to independently apply and integrate the skills and techniques into your work.

The Creating Clarity workshop is a full two-day event, running from 9 am to 5 pm on both days. To maximize learning and comfort, we have scheduled breaks at 10-10:30 am, 12:30-1:30 pm for lunch, and a short afternoon break at 3-3:30 pm. This schedule is designed to provide an immersive experience while also giving you ample time to rest and reflect on the learning material.

Yes, following the completion of the workshop, you will have access to a range of post-course materials to continue your learning journey. This includes a Photoprotocol of the sessions, digital templates, and tools that were used during the workshop, allowing you to apply the visual strategies and techniques in your professional environment.

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