Agile Retrospectives

Learn How to Run a Retrospective

Dive into the exciting world of Agile Retrospectives and learn how to elevate your Scrum Retrospectives to the next level. Our course provides you with the knowledge and skills to lead your team to peak performance.

Our workshop will help you

  • Advance from beginner to expert retrospective facilitator.
  • Discover endless retrospective ideas to keep things fresh.
  • Run engaging retrospectives that inspire valuable insights.
  • Boost your team's accountability to drive meaningful improvement.
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Agile Retrospectives

Credential: Agile Retrospectives
Advanced level
  • Duration: max. 8hrs.
  • Certified by: Certificate of Participation
  • Prerequisite: none

Upcoming Retrospective Workshops

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Agile / Scrum Retrospective Agenda

The Agile Retrospective training by Agile Academy delves deeply into the following subjects:

Structuring Retrospectives

Effectively structuring retrospectives is essential for facilitating meaningful discussions and extracting valuable insights from the team. Learn how to plan and execute retrospectives in a way that engages participants, encourages open dialogue, and promotes constructive feedback. Discover different retrospective formats, such as timeline, starfish, or 4Ls (Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed for), and gain insights on when and how to utilize them to maximize the effectiveness of your retrospectives.

Advanced Facilitation Techniques

Become a skilled retrospective facilitator by expanding your repertoire of facilitation techniques. Uncover a toolkit of methods to ensure all team members have a voice, conflicts are effectively resolved, and consensus is reached. Develop the ability to navigate challenging situations, facilitate productive discussions, and create an environment that fosters trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Actionable Improvements

The true value of retrospectives lies in the actionable improvements that result from them. Learn how to prioritize and track the tasks and actions identified during retrospectives to ensure they are implemented and progress is made. Discover techniques for creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and establishing mechanisms for accountability. By translating retrospective insights into concrete actions, teams can continuously evolve and achieve their goals.

Retrospectives for Organizational Development

As Agile practices are adopted on a larger scale, it becomes crucial to manage retrospectives in a multi-team or program environment. Gain insights on how to scale retrospectives effectively, ensuring alignment, coordination, and communication across multiple teams. Explore techniques for sharing learnings, identifying common challenges, and promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange in larger Agile programs.

Bring Your Own Ideas & Questions

We encourage participants to bring their questions to the training. Any question and real-world example from your side will make everything you and others learn more tangible. It will also result in more energy throughout the training which is connected to better learning.

FAQ about the Agile Retrospective Training

While the specifics may depend on the particular course outline and the trainer, you can generally expect to learn a variety of effective Scrum Retrospective techniques in the workshop. The goal is to equip you with a toolbox of techniques so you can select the most appropriate ones based on your team's specific context and needs.

The workshop should also teach you when and how to effectively use each technique to facilitate successful retrospectives.

The Agile Retrospective Training is a specialized course designed to equip participants with the tools, techniques, and understanding necessary to effectively lead retrospective sessions in Agile and Scrum environments. While the primary focus is on Scrum Retrospectives, the skills taught also encompass broader facilitation techniques.

This means the training serves a dual purpose - it not only allows participants to understand and implement successful Scrum Retrospectives, but also cultivates their ability to facilitate various types of group sessions. So, it can be viewed as both a Scrum Retrospective Training and a Facilitation Training. However, it's essential to note that the overarching goal is to improve Agile teams' productivity and performance through effective retrospectives.

Absolutely, the primary aim of this training is to enhance your skills in running Scrum Retrospective meetings. By the end of the workshop, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of retrospective principles, techniques, and best practices, all of which will empower you to facilitate more effective and productive sessions. The skills you acquire should enable you to identify improvement areas, encourage constructive feedback, and promote continuous growth within your team, thereby leading to better Scrum Retrospective meetings.

Whether you're a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Manager, or team member, mastering Agile retrospectives is a vital step in elevating team productivity and achieving Agile excellence. By the end of this course, you'll walk away with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to conduct retrospectives that make a real difference in your Agile journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your team with the transformative power of Agile Retrospectives. Register today and start turning retrospectives into your secret weapon for Agile success.

Course Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of agile methods.

Join us and make the most out of every retrospective!

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