Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1)

Agility is well known, there are even agile contracts to manage agile cooperations. However, the way how we get there today  (RfI > RfP > LoI) can't really handle the complexity in an appropriate way. Furthermore it's not agile nor lean unfortunately. 

Lean-Agile Procurement is a new, exciting simple approach for procurement, that makes fun. It's based on agile and lean principles and focus to the business value and the people involved.

The results will surprise you! - Lead time of sourcing a new partner is reduced to days, most important customer problems are solved first and the risk -to evaluate the wrong partner- is minimized.

Take the first step today and become a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1).

Upcoming Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) trainings:

Trainings: Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1)

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The Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) training

What can I take away from the Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Training?

The first day of this 2-day training focuses on the question of how digitalization has changed procurement forever. Together, participants will discuss current trends in the market and in the partner ecosystem of their own organizations to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of joint procurement.

  • What do buyers and suppliers need to improve today?
  • What improved solutions does the technology landscape offer today?
  • What is different with Lean-Agile Procurement and where can it be applied?

The second day of training focuses on the application of the Lean Procurement Canvas. Concrete case studies will be used to show how different departments use Agile principles for better procurement. Here you will learn how to use the Lean Procurement Canvas for your own business and how the agile principles will help you procure and sell the right things.

Why Lean-Agile Procurement?

The advantages of lean and agile business modeling and agile delivery became evident. So it was no surprise that even agile contracts are in place more and more. However the procurement process didn't became agile yet. This is painful because:

  • Evaluations are very expensive for the company and the partner/vendor
  • Time to market is slowed down and in the meanwhile the initial vision becomes obsolete
  • Comparison of multiple n-pages proposals is complex
  • Focus lays on products/services and paperwork only
  • The people, that work on the proposal are not the same, as for service delivery
  • Agile teams tend to form different
  • An extra step of translation is needed: From a proposal into an agile contract

For whom is Lean-Agile Procurement suitable?

Any executives, procurement managers at customer or vendor side, that are interested in a new option for procurement. If your organisation is already agile or in transition to lean-agile procurement is a perfect tool to include your agile delivery organisation from the beginning.

Lean-agile Procurement might be also useful for:

  • Procurement managers, or other responsible persons like delivery heads, scrum master, etc to make management of existing partnerships more transparent
  • Human Ressource Manager, or any other responsible persons doing HR-Tasks such as extending current agile teams, etc

Please note: Lean-agile procurement is currently tested just in private sector. However, there are options feasible for public tendering too.

Which certification do I get?

The Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) Training is certified through the LAP Alliance - a worldwide pioneer. More information can be found at https://www.lean-agile-procurement.com/.

In addition to the Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) certificate, you will also receive a one-year membership in the LAP community.

Become a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Practitioner (Credential 1) and learn... 

  • successfully apply the Lean Procurement Canvas and simulated the disrutptive approach Lean-Agile Procurement with one of YOUR own cases.
  • use practical, agile techniques to more effectively bundle value, stakeholder management, procurement, contracting and team building.
  • use the Heat Map to know where to start in order to make your agile team, business unit, function and organization more competitive by significantly reducing time to market with similar or better quality.
lean agile procurement intro video - complex sourcing made simple