Coaching Teams Through Change: Dynamic Reteaming

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Heidi Helfand gave a presentation about “Coaching Teams Through Change” at the June event of the agile100. She gave an overview about different theses of team dynamics and the derivations on success and failure of these changes. Especially the initial team composition was analyzed by her.
The main focus was on the fact that teams in companies have different levels of co-determination about who joins the team and who doesn’t. This lack of co-determination can lead to restlessness and disagreements, but above all to a loss of trust (see also Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team).

In addition, she showed the effects of staff turnover on the different team compositions and how long it can take until these teams can deliver resilient results again.

In each case, the presentation was a call for more self-determination in the company and an illustration of the negative effects of a top-down approach on the performance of teams.

“Coaching Teams Through Change” (Heidi Helfand)

Heidi Helfand agile100 Juni: Coaching Teams Through Change

Heidi Helfand

Heidi Helfand is author of the book Dynamic Reteaming. She coaches software development teams using practical, people-focused techniques, with the goal of building resilient organizations as they double and triple in size. Heidi is currently Director of R&D Excellence at Procore Technologies. She draws on her vast experience from coaching there, as well as at AppFolio and Citrix Online, where Heidi was on the original development team that invented GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. Heidi is based in Southern California.

“Team change is inevitable. You might as well get good at it.”

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