How do I become a certified Scrum Master?

The Agile Academy offers two- and three-day training courses for prospective Scrum Masters. While the three-day training courses for Certified Scrum Master go into much more depth on the relevant topics and prepare participants for the subsequent exam, the two-day courses generally assume prior knowledge and are very fast-paced, which means that exchanges among participants and queries are kept shorter.

The three-day training courses for Certified Scrum Master are more in-depth and prepare participants for the subsequent exam.

The 3-day trainings for Scrum Master certification consist of the introduction to Scrum and the Scrum Guide, the required core competencies as well as the collaboration with the other roles. In addition, some trainers also provide a brief introduction to Kanban as part of their 3-day courses.


The shorter seminars, on the other hand, are usually limited to a brief overview of the Scrum framework and how to work within the artifacts and rituals.


All providers and trainings are concluded with a written exam in the case of the Scrum Master. Here, too, there are differences due to the different orientations of the providers.

For example, at the ScrumAlliance you have to answer 35 questions in 60 minutes with at least 69% correct answers, while requires a whole 80 questions in 60 minutes with 85% correct answers.

A participation in the training as well as the passed test finally result in the certification as Scrum Master of the respective organization.

Afterwards, the certification is valid for two years with the ScrumAlliance. At, on the other hand, there is no obligation to recertify per se. However, since many employers value a certification that is no longer than two years old, this is not necessarily an added value.

So while the certification is valid for two years, there is no requirement to recertify.

While one would have to repeat the test and/or course with, there are various, almost free possibilities for recertification with the ScrumAlliance, e.g. participation in so-called user groups or also the Agile Insights events organized by the Agile Academy.

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