Are the online courses certified?

Every premium online course of the Agile Academy is certified by the Business Agility Academy (BAA). After passing the exam, you will receive your certificate from the BAA.

Certification according to

Additionally, once you have completed the course, you can independently register with for their Professional Scrum Certifications. is the second largest global certification organization. There you can register for the written exam for their certifications for $150. With the Agile Academy online courses, you have the knowledge you need to pass the certifications there.

For example, if you have purchased the Scrum Master / Agile Coach online course from us, you can then register for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) assessment at and start testing right away.

Certification by the Scrum Alliance

If you have the annual subscription for our online courses and you regularly attend the live trainer sessions, you can also get certified in the course if you reach the Scrum Alliance requirements.

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