How to become a partner at Agile Academy?

All partner companies go through a multi-stage selection process. Here, it is checked whether the quality of the training and the offer is in line with the Agile Academy and the quality standard.
In addition, the quality management by means of NPS is constantly operated by the trainers themselves. The participants have the possibility to apply for a training afterwards.

How do I become a partner at the Agile Academy?

If you are a certified trainer with a proven track record and you offer trainings that could be interesting for the Agile Academy, please send an email to We will review your documents and get back to you. If you want to list your entire company as a partner, we need information such as type of certification and names of other trainers you want to list with us.

Where are the partner companies located?

The trainers and companies are located all over the world. On our German page you will find trainers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while the English page includes partner companies from Great Britain, the USA, Sweden, Iran and the Czech Republic.
Whether a training is conducted live as a remote training or at a specific location, you can see in the overview tables by means of the location information.

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