Definition of Pair Programming:

In Pair programming two software developers share a single workstation and work together to develop a single feature. It is a practice that is used in scrum teams.

Synonyms for Pair Programming:

Pairing, paired programming, programming in pairs

Use of Pair Programming:

One programmer, the driver, writes the code, while the other, the navigator, reviews the code as it’s written and provides feedback. The two programmers switch roles periodically while working. For pairing to be effective, the workstation needs to be able to accommodate both programmers – the desk should have enough room to easily accommodate at least two chairs. The room’s noise level should be controlled and should not be any louder than the muted conversation of the individual pair or multiple pairings.

This method may not only be used for programmers writing code but works for almost all industries and roles.

Benefits of Pair Programming:

  • Results in higher quality code/products.
  • Increases shared knowledge/skill transfer.
  • Promotes T-shape of team members.
  • Encourages communication & teamwork.
  • Clarifies problems and speeds up the decision-making process.

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