Lean-Agile Procurement

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If a company really wants to work agile, it is necessary that upstream processes are also adapted to this. How is a team supposed to work agile if, for example, hardware procurement thinks in different processes? Mirko Kleiner explained in his presentation at Agile100 how procurement in particular can position itself leaner and more agile and thus contribute significantly to an agile transformation.

Lean-Agile Procurement – Speed Dating for Business

Lean-Agile Procurement – Agile Beschaffung

Mirko Kleiner

“The last thing we need in complex sourcing cases is a complex approach.”
Mirko Kleiner

Mirko is the thought Leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, CIPS Award Winner 2018, int. Speaker, Author, President of LAP Alliance, co-founder of flowdays, Agile Enterprise Coach and gives master classes in Lean-Agile Procurement and Scrum@Scale all around the world.

He’s always looking for an integral, co-creative approach to increase business value significantly +100%. As an Agile Enterprise Coach, he enjoys the collaboration with persons from all levels, industries and company sizes. Preferable starting on the C-level he might question your STATUS QUO!

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