Agile HR as Driver of Innovation

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Fabiola Eyholzer gave an insight into Agile HR with her presentation at the agile100 June event. In addition to the definition, which she herself helped to shape, Fabiola showed how a company can be agile and what immense advantage an agile Human Resources department has. As she rightly pointed out, an agile transformation can only succeed if you have the right people, both internal and external, who accompany you and implement the transformation in the organization.

Consequently, the people who make the hiring and who are looking for the right employees are also important drivers of this transformation. Agile HR is therefore an important building block if you want to become an invincible company in which everyone lives the corporate strategy.

Further, very important points on the way to an agile corporate culture, which is characterized by an agile HR department, will follow in the lecture!

“Agile HR as Innovation Driver”

„HR als Motor der Innovation“

Fabiola Eyholzer

Fabiola is a thought leader in Lean and Agile in HR and People Operations. A native of Switzerland and based in New York, Fabiola is an internationally recognized speaker and guest lecturer. The experienced consultant supports organizations with her expertise in Agile HR, Business Agility and compensation and performance management.
Fabiola is also a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

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