Complexity in Agile Leadership

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We are at the seventh talk from the first ever agile100 event from May 29th. It was the turn from Melissa Boggs, Co-CEO and Chief ScrumMaster from ScrumAlliance. She talked about: “Courage.Empathy.Creativity: The Complexity of Agile Leadership” in her inspiring session.

Melissa Boggs: "Courage.Empathy.Creativity: The Complexity of Agile Leadership"

Agile Leadership

Melissa Boggs

Magic Maker, “What if” Asker, and servant leader Melissa Boggs empowers those she works with to do the next right thing. As Chief ScrumMaster for Scrum Alliance, she blends creativity and strategy to make bold moves in service to her colleagues and community. She leads with intuition, data, and vulnerability in pursuit of joyful, prosperous, sustainable workplaces for her own org and the world at large. Melissa is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Agile Leader , Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP), Kanban Management Professional (KMP I). She holds an MBA in IT Management and a BS in Information Technology from Western Governors University.

“Leadership begins with the alignment of personal values & organizational values, and agile leadership calls us to a deeper, more complex relationship with those values.”

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