What can Agile Academy do for companies or teams?

At Agile Academy, we offer many solutions for small and large concerns. From the individual discount for self-payers to the international in-house solution.

Are there discounts for companies that send multiple participants to a training?

If you want to enroll more than five participants in a course, feel free to contact us and we will work out an individual concept for the live trainings or enable licensing for the online courses in your company. For companies, we also offer customized solutions on a team and company level. Whether an in-house course with 10 people or trainings across entire departments and continents. The Agile Academy can create and deliver unified training for your organization with a consistent curriculum and learning objectives.

What about education vouchers and education checks?

++Preliminary: No provider of the Agile Academy offers cost absorption or funding by the employment agency / job center.++

However, various trainers and partner companies are accredited for the Bildungscheck NRW or other funding institutions. Whether this applies to your chosen training, you would have to clarify in advance by phone or email. We are happy to help you with this!

If you want to book for more than one participant, please contact the service or the trainer in advance.

I am a self-payer, is there anything I can do?

Here, too, it is best to ask the service directly. Depending on the trainer and the agile training, there is usually a solution.
The on-demand online courses for self-learning, which you can book as a one-time purchase or annual subscription, are also cheaper.

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