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Definition of Daily Scrum / Daily Standup:

The Daily Scrum is a brief communication and status-check session facilitated by the Scrum Master where Scrum teams share progress, report impediments, and make commitments for the current iteration or sprint. The Daily Standup consists of a tightly focused conversation kept to a strict timeframe; the meeting is held at the same time, every day (ideally, in the morning), and in the same location. The Scrum task board serves as the focal point of the Standup meeting.

Synonyms for Daily Scrum:

Daily Standup, Daily Meeting, Daily Huddle

Use of the Daily Scrum:

The Scrum Master typically asks team members the following three questions:

  1. What did I accomplish yesterday?
  2. What will I commit to, or complete, today?
  3. What impediments or obstacles are preventing me from meeting my commitments?

All discussion during the Daily Standup should be focused on answering these three questions. Any additional discussions stemming from these questions should be addressed separately. Only those who are involved in the current sprint should be present at the Daily Scrum.

Benefits of the Daily Scrum:

  • keeps the workflow on track.
  • helps identify issues sooner than later.
  • increases team accountability, communication, and collaboration.
  • allows the team to see the ‘bigger picture’ of the sprint.
  • stimulates team self-organization and personal planning.
  • helps team members address issues and make small course corrections, if needed.
  • provides face-to-face interaction (if on site).

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