Sprint Backlog

Definition of Sprint Backlog:

A sprint backlog is a list of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) that the team selects to complete during a Scrum sprint. These PBIs are typically user stories taken from the product backlog.

Use of the Sprint Backlog:

During the sprint planning meeting, the team decides which PBIs or user stories to include in the next sprint, based on the estimated work effort and team capacity needed to complete each one. The team breaks the PBI’s or user stories down into tasks and assigns an estimate in work hours for completing each task.

Synonyms for Sprint Backlog:

Iteration Backlog

Benefits of the Sprint Backlog:

  • ensures that the highest-priority PBIs are completed first.
  • allows for longer term planning.
  • breaks down work into manageable components.
  • allows the team to determine the amount of PBIs they can accomplish during the sprint.

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