Definition of Standup Meeting:

In Agile and especially Scrum, teams hold a 15-minute standup meeting each morning at the same time in the same location to share their current work status during an iteration or sprint. The idea of a standup is that it should be relevant, yet brief enough that team members don’t become uncomfortable with standing.

Synonyms for Standup Meeting:

Daily Scrum, Daily Standup, Daily Huddle

Use of Standup Meetings:

During a standup, the team members come together in front of the team’s physical task board to talk about progress, impediments, and commitments for the current iteration or sprint. Scrum teams typically answer [hypotext target=”target-block”]these three questions about their work status:[/hypotext]

[hypotext id=”target-block”]1) What did I work on yesterday?
2) What will I work on, or complete, today?
3) What impediments are preventing me from meeting this commitment?[/hypotext]


All discussion during the standup should be focused on answering these three questions. Other questions that arise can be addressed outside of the standup.

Benefits of Standup Meetings:

  • Keep workflow on track.
  • Keep the meeting short (due to standing).
  • Help identify and resolve problems as quickly as possible.
  • Increase the team’s accountability, communication, and collaboration.
  • Promote self-organization and personal planning among team members.
  • Help team members resolve issues and make small course corrections.
  • Provide face-to-face interaction (if on site).

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