Escaping Drama, Returning to Conflict

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a dramatic situation? That despite really good intentions, the conflict just keeps increasing with no end in sight. You wouldn’t be alone. Conflict is inevitable, but drama can be minimized and/or avoided. Together, we will examine the Karpman Drama Triangle for an understanding conflict becomes drama. Expect to explore the dynamics of this vicious cycle within the triangle and most importantly gain approaches to escaping the drama.

Tricia Broderick is already an old acquaintance when it comes to helping with conflict resolution. In her lecture on the topic: “Escaping from the drama, returning to the conflict”, she accordingly dealt with different team dynamics in conflicts and disputes in teams. Similar to Heidi Helfand in June, Tricia showed how to create a healthy basis for discussion in disunited teams.

She believes that emotions are not negative in themselves, but that they should only be directed in the right direction if a healthy team dynamic is to be restored. The fact that Tricia had to get up at 5 a.m. to give her presentation due to the time difference is definitely not obvious to her and the session and the following question and answer session gave exciting insights into working with very different challenges and teams.

"Escaping Drama, Returning to Conflict"

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