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Chris Li gave a very interesting session about team building and team composition at the agile100 july event. Similar to Tricia Broderick and Heidi Helfand, Chris showed what it takes to create and keep really successful teams. For him, the most important thing is the assumption of responsibility by individuals in self-organisation. For him, trust is at the heart of functioning teams and companies. Why this is so, he certainly tells best with his pleasant voice!

“Teamwork – Are we really a team? The question to ask!”

Chris Li: "Teamwork - Are we really a team? - The questions to ask!" (agile100)

Chris Li

With a background in software development and database programming, Chris is a Certified Scrum Trainer® and has also developed agile training and implementation strategies for various programs and founded his own agile consulting company, SparkPlug Agility.
Through his close collaboration with large corporations and government agencies, he has a special focus on technical and organizational changes and their implementation. His clients include the US Department of Defense and Homeland Security as well as companies such as Agilex and many more.

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