The Story of LeSS (Bas Vodde, agile100)

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Bas Vodde shared his "Story of LeSS" at agile100 in August. The creator of the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework showed how the framework has evolved since it was invented and gave several practical use cases for LeSS.

Interspersed with many reading recommendations, Bas showed in his presentation how companies can successfully scale Scrum using the Inspect and Adapt approach with LeSS. In addition, like previous speakers such as Markus Andrezak and Pete Behrens, he played on the idea that teams' work performance improves when they are given greater freedom of action and autonomy.

„The Story of LeSS“

Bas Vodde: Die Geschichte von LeSS (agile100)

Bas Vodde

Globetrotter Bas Vodde is the inventor and creator of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) for scaling agile development. He supports companies on an organizational, team and individual level to anchor and advance Scrum and agile methods in the company.

The cosmopolitan, who has so far worked in Amsterdam, Singapore, Helsinki and various locations in China, focuses here primarily on large companies and promotes the human aspect of technology development here.

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