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The Definition of Ready is a special form of Working Agreement and captures the team's common understanding of the necessary maturity level of requirements. If a requirement is "Ready" it means that the Development Team is willing to consider this requirement in the next Sprint Planning for implementation.

The Definition of Ready is usually determined jointly by the Product Owner and the Development Team. It is important to note that it is not up to the Product Owner alone to bring a requirement into the "Ready" state, but that it is a joint activity of the entire Scrum Team - see Product Backlog Refinement.

Many teams base their definition of Ready on the so-called INVEST criteria:

  • Independent
  • Negotiable
  • Valuable
  • Estimated
  • Sized Appropriately
  • Testable

Synonyms of Definition of Ready:

DoR, Ready, Acceptance

Origin of the Definition of Ready:

The Definition of Ready is not an elementary part of Scrum, but is treated as such by many teams. The exact origin is unknown.

Advantages of the Definition of Ready:

In principle, it is good if agreements and expectations are made transparent in the team... this is no different with the Definition of Ready. The only caution is when the development team sits back because the product owner has to deliver.

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