Definition of Review Meeting:

The Scrum team holds a Sprint Review meeting immediately following the completion of a sprint to review and demonstrate what the team has accomplished during the sprint. This meeting is attended by the product owner / customer, Scrum Master, Scrum team, and stakeholders. The Sprint Review is an informal meeting. The length of the sprint determines the length of the review meeting, with one hour being equivalent to one week of the sprint. Using this formula, the planning meeting for a two-week sprint would last two hours, although this can vary.

Use of the Review Meeting:

The purpose of the Sprint Review is to assess what happened during the sprint and to determine whether the sprint produced a functional, and potentially shippable, deliverable. The team presents or demonstrates the deliverable developed during the sprint. The product owner provides feedback to the team and decides if the deliverable meets the acceptance criteria, and either accepts or rejects the product.

Benefits of the Review Meeting:

  • In the Sprint Review Meeting it is determined whether the goal of the sprint was met.
  • In the Sprint Review Meeting the visual result of sprint is demonstrated.
  • The Sprint Review Meeting provides an immediate opportunity for feedback from the product owner, customer, and other stakeholders.
  • During the Sprint Review Meeting areas for necessary improvement are revealed.

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