Scrum of Scrums

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Definition of Scrum of Scrums:

A Scrum of Scrums meeting is used to manage large projects when scaling Scrum with multiple teams. A Scrum of Scrums is held to facilitate communication between teams that may have dependencies on one another. After the team’s individual daily stand up meetings one member from each team attends the Scrum of Scrums to represent his/her the team—this could be the Scrum Master but may be any team member who can effectively relay information and handle questions or concerns for the team.

Use of Scrum of Scrums:

Whenever a Scrum team is working on a large project that involves dependencies, risks, or issues that could impact another team’s sprint goal, a Scrum of Scrums is scheduled for discussing or resolving these issues.

Benefits of Scrum of Scrums:

  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between teams.
  • Allows multiple teams to see the ‘bigger picture’ of the project and how the teams’ sprints are affecting each other.
  • Minimizes risk of the teams’ work adversely impacting each other.
  • Supports teams in addressing problems and making small course corrections, if necessary.
  • Optimizes the workflow within the whole project.

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