Definition of Done

Definition of Definition of Done:

Definition of Done refers to a set of criteria that a product predetermined by the team that have to be met so the product increment can be considered as being done. The team reaches a consensus as to what defines a task as being done and then posts a checklist of steps that must be completed before the product can be considered as potentially shippable. The team displays this list in the form of a Big Visual Chart prominently in the team area.

Synonyms for Definition of Done:

Single done, done, DoD, done list, done checklist, product sashimi, task complete definition, punch list

Use of Definition of Done:

The team agrees upon a list of criteria which must be met before a product increment is considered to be ‘done’—that is, all design, coding, testing, and documentation have been completed, and the code has been fully integrated into the system. If a task does not meet the Definition of Done criteria, it does not count toward team velocity.

Benefits of the Definition of Done:

  • improves the likelihood of delivering working software.
  • limits the cost of rework once a feature has been accepted as ‘done’.
  • reduces the risk of misunderstanding and conflict between the development team, and customer or product owner.

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