What is Kanban University?

Kanban University is an organization dedicated to the dissemination of the Kanban method. It offers various Kanban Trainings and certifications.

What is the Kanban University?

Kanban University is an association of more than 80 Kanban consultants and 340 Kanban trainers who have passed official certifications and accreditations. They offer world-wide seminars, Inhouse training courses, trainings and Workshops approximately around the Kanban method. Thus, over time, more than 90,000 participants have already been certified by Kanban University.

Trainings of the Kanban University at the Agile Academy

Also at the Agile Academy you can take different trainings in agile project management, which bring you one step closer to the certifications of the Kanban University. Choose from three modules:

  • Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP): This Kanban seminar is ideal for getting started with Kanban. You will learn the basics and core concepts of the method and how to manage your team with the Kanban system. As a conclusion you receive the certificate "Team Kanban Practitioner" of the Kanban University.
  • Kanban System Design Training (KSD): This course is the first step on the way to become a "Kanban Management Professional (KMP I)". Here the practice of the Kanban principles is in the foreground: Building on the basics you will learn the method with practical exercises and examples. You will learn how to visualize processes in Kanban, how to remove obstacles and how to avoid multitasking in the team.
  • Kanban System Improvement (KSI): This training deepens the knowledge already acquired in the KSD training and supports you in basing your management on Kanban values. You will learn how to use the tools of the method correctly. If you have successfully completed this Kanban training, you will receive the certification "Kanban Management Professional" (KMP II).

How did the Kanban University come into being?

David J. Anderson worked once as a manager with Microsoft. In this course he transferred 2004 the Kanban system of Taiichi Ohno, which was established at Toyota, to IT projects and is therefore considered as one of the founders of the agile software development at Microsoft. He recorded his experiences in his 2011 book "Kanban: Evolutionary Change Management for IT Organizations."

In 2010, Anderson founded Kanban University together with other Kanban experts. The Kanban professionals want to help organizations achieve an increase in productivity with small changes while at the same time achieving a high level of acceptance. They bring the Kanban method to the world and ensure that agile methods become more widespread and optimize collaboration in teams.

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