Simon Flossmann

Simon Flossmann

As a Professional Scrum Trainer at, Simon's trainings combine his years of experience as a Scrum Master and his enthusiasm for learning new things together with others. As a Scrum Master, he supports teams and organizations of various sizes in a wide range of business sectors, such as automotive, home appliances, energy, federal agencies, and insurance.

since 2015

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Simon is a Professional Scrum Trainer, with more than 9 years of experience with Scrum teams and product management. He gained this experience in a wide variety of industries and can therefore draw on a wide range of examples and contexts. Simon helps Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Leaders implement Scrum to work more effectively. He also helps teams effectively use Scrum and its agile mindset to develop and deliver products and services with a focus on high customer satisfaction and rapid feedback. 

In addition to a variety of qualifications through, Simon is also a Training from Back of the Room (TBR) Certified Trainer and Virtuel Edition (TBR-VE) Certified Trainer.


Professional Scrum Trainer Certification

Professional Scrum Trainer

Professional Scrum with User Experience Certification

Professional Scrum with User Experience

Professional Agile Leadership Certification

Professional Agile Leadership

Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management Certification Certification

Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management Certification

Professional Product Owner I Certification

Professional Product Owner I

Professional Product Owner II Certification

Professional Product Owner II

Professional Product Owner III Certification

Professional Product Owner III

Professional Scrum Developer Certification

Professional Scrum Developer

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills Certification

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills

Professional Scrum Master I Certification

Professional Scrum Master I

Professional Scrum Master II Certification

Professional Scrum Master II

Professional Scrum Master III Certification

Professional Scrum Master III

Professional Scrum with Kanban Certification

Professional Scrum with Kanban

Scaled Professional Scrum Certification

Scaled Professional Scrum

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