Definition of Impediment:

An impediment is any issue or obstacle that prevents individuals or teams from completing a task or project. Examples could be unscheduled meetings, technical issues, lack of knowledge or expertise, a distracting workplace, and office conflict.

How to remove Impediments:

The team members may want to create an Impediment Backlog which is a list of impediments. They should prominently display this list in the area where the team meets for the Daily Scrum. Impediments should be prioritized by how seriously they are harming team productivity. If the impediments are company-wide, it is the Scrum Master’s responsibility to remove them. If they are occurring at team level, it is the team’s responsibility to resolve or remove them.

Problems regarding Impediments:

  • Reduces team productivity.
  • Negatively impacts project timeline and cost.
  • Needs to be addressed immediately.

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