Definition of Iteration:

An iteration is a fixed or timeboxed period of time, generally spanning two to four weeks, during which an Agile team develops a deliverable, potentially shippable product. A typical Agile project consists of a series of iterations, along with a planning meeting prior to development and a retrospective meeting at the end of the iteration. Iterations are referred to as sprints in Scrum.

Synonyms for Iteration:

Sprint, Timebox

Use of an Iteration:

At the start of an iteration or sprint, the product owner and team decide which requirements to complete during this timebox. The length of an iteration can vary from project to project.

Benefits of Iterations:

  • Enables teams to work effectively with customers and stakeholders.
  • Encourages feedback.
  • Minimizes feature creep.
  • Reduces risk of timelines slippage.

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