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Definition of Persona:

User Persona is a detailed real or hypothetical description of a typical end-user of the product the team is developing. Personas usually take the form of a written document with a photo, name, profession, style of living, and other important details.

Use of Personas:

Agile designers and developers use personas as guidance when developing a product that fits the needs of a specific type of end-user or multiple types of end-users. The development team may use personas to decide whether to add specific features, interactions, or visual cues to the product. Teams sometimes also use negative user personas to make sure they know who explicitly not to take into consideration when developing a product. And a product owner usually uses a product goal canvas for the final product that will be developed..

Benefits of Personas:

  • Increases the team’s awareness of the type or types of end-users of their product.
  • Improves the value and integrity of the final product.
  • Produces a more focused, realistic, and streamlined product.
  • Developers can determine more easily what to include.

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