Teresa Torres Continuous Discovery Habits

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On April 4, Teresa Torres joined us at Agile Insights Conversations. If you already heard the conversation with Petra Wille about Strong Product People, you know why you shouldn't miss this session. Look forward to a conversation about product development, product leadership, and constantly improving your products. Teresa is an internationally recognized expert in her field and ideal for an exciting introduction to Continuous Discovery Habits!
The Transcription of the video is below.

Picture of: Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab is founder & CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH. He is Certified Scrum Trainer® on Agile Academy and initiator of the agile100 conference series as well as host of the Agile Insights conversations.

Picture of: Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres

Teresa Torres is the author of the book Continuous Discovery Habits and an expert in product leadership. She also writes for her site Producttalk.

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