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Definition of Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria are specific conditions that a software product or feature must meet to fulfill the requirements and needs of customers. Typically, the Product Owner formulates statements from the customer's perspective that precisely describe how a User Story or a feature should function. The Scrum Master plays a crucial role by ensuring that these criteria are not only understood but also implementable and contribute to the realization of project outcomes.

Use of Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria should be clearly, unambiguously, and simply formulated. They serve as a benchmark against which the completion of user stories or features is measured. For example: "When I am logged in and click the 'Buy' button, the total number of items in my shopping cart should increase by 1.”

Advantages of Acceptance Criteria

  • Clear Definition of Completion: Acceptance criteria provide a clear indication of when user stories or features can be considered complete.
  • Improved Understanding: They contribute to a better understanding of the requirements of the stories or features.
  • Elimination of Ambiguities: Precisely formulated acceptance criteria eliminate ambiguities in the requirements, leading to a more efficient and targeted approach to work.

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