Acceptance Criteria

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Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria are tools used when working with requirements. They comprise a set of conditions that new functionality must meet to be accepted by clients, end users, or other stakeholders.

Incorporating acceptance criteria for a requirement or a Product Backlog Item, such as a User Story, helps clarify expectations and establish a clear definition of completion. This practice enhances the understanding of a requirement by eliminating ambiguities, as the Product Owner and Developers clarify any uncertainties during product backlog refinement sessions. Overall, acceptance criteria improve quality and offer guidance to developers.


Consider a Product Backlog Item for enhancing a website's feature:

"As a user, I want my private data to be secure, so that no unauthorized person can access it."

An example of an acceptance criterion for this item could be: "The user must be able to successfully log in to their account using their email and password." 

This criterion is 

  • specific: detailing the login process

  • measurable: allowing verification of successful login

  • relevant: directly addressing the user's need for security 

  • testable: enabling validation through testing.

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