Acceptance Test

Definition of Acceptance Test:

An Acceptance Test stems from the Acceptance Criteria and verifies whether a feature is functional. The test has only two results: pass or fail. Often, acceptance tests are automated so they can be performed on all versions of a software. Acceptance criteria usually include one or more acceptance tests.

Synonyms for Acceptance Test:

functional test, customer test, story test

Use of Acceptance Tests:

The Use of acceptance tests ensures that the software meets business and customer requirements. Acceptance tests are written by the product owner and should be brief statements that explain intended behaviour and result. For example, “The user clicks on this button and the text turns red.” This test would result in either a pass or fail.

Benefits of Acceptance Tests:

  • Increase the satisfaction of the customer by ensuring their requirements are met.
  • Identify functionality and usability issues early on.
  • Promote collaboration between developers and the end-user.