Definition of Product Backlog:

A product backlog is the list of requirements requested by the customer and prioritized by the Product Owner. The product backlog is not a ‘to-do’ list; rather, it is a list of all the features the customer has requested be included in the project. The Scrum team uses the product backlog to prioritize features and decide which ones to implement in upcoming sprints.

Use of the Product Backlog:

The product owner is responsible for prioritizing Items in the product backlog, referred to as Product Backlog Items (PBIs). The development team pulls the highest-priority PBIs from the product backlog to complete during each sprint. The product owner changes and re-prioritizes the backlog throughout the project development process as needed.

Synonyms for Product Backlog:


Benefits of the Product Backlog:

  • The Product Backlog communicates the priority of Product Backlog Items.
  • The Product Backlog allows for longer term planning.
  • The Product Backlog ensures the customer needs are being heard.
  • The Product Backlog allows team members to pull highest-priority items as needed (in Kanban teams).

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