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Definition of Scrumban:

Scrumban is a hybrid form of Scrum and Kanban which is used to accomplish tasks and develop software/products.

Use of Scrumban:

Scrumban is used when a development team wants to combine certain aspects of the Kanban and Scrum methodology e.g. a Scrum Team wants to add some Kanban into their process by focusing on work-in-progress and continuous improvement. Or, a Kanban team may want to apply aspects of Scrum into their process, such as daily standups or roles.

Benefits of Scrumban:

  • Combines the advantages of both methods to enhance the team’s workflow and efficiency.
  • Makes teams more flexible in adapting their process in the way that is best for them.
  • Balances team capacity vs. demand.
  • Guides teams toward a long-term evolution of continuous improvement.

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