Sprint Plan

Definition of Sprint Plan:

The Sprint plan is the result of a Sprint Planning Meeting. The Sprint plan is assembled by the development team and includes the sprint goal which is a brief description of the product or deliverable to be developed by the end of the sprint, and a detailed list of the Product Backlog Items (PBIs) the team has committed for this sprint, based on the team’s availability and velocity. Each PBI or user story will be broken down into smaller tasks according to the priority set by the product owner.

Use of Sprint Plans:

The Sprint plan is a roadmap for development teams that guides team members during the sprint. This plan is a agreement for the product owner and development team stating what the team has committed to accomplishing until the end of the sprint.

Benefits of Sprint Plans:

  • Establish a clear sprint goal.
  • Keep development on track.
  • Prevent the product owner or other stakeholders from giving the team too much unplanned, additional work.
  • Help teams to focus on agreed-upon tasks.
  • Provide a tangible document for review after the sprint is completed to check whether the workload and sprint length were realistic.

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